Friday, September 22, 2023

Two 1-minute meetings in the House Today

The House met today in a previously unscheduled meeting (announced Thursday night). A brief meeting (about 1 minute according to the Clerk of the House site) was held at just after 9:00 am EDT and some minor housekeeping actions were taken. The House then recessed subject to the call of the Chair. It then met again at a little after 6:00 pm EDT (again for just a bit more than a minute). Again, some minor housekeeping (including closing out action on reconsideration of H Res 712 – voided the request for a vote on the motion to reconsider and laid the motion on the table) and adjourned until 10:30 am tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the House Rules Committee held a hearing (video link) on the four spending bills I discussed this morning. No action was taken, just four hours of talking. The hearing will resume sometime tomorrow.

The Rules Committee also announced amendment deadlines for HR 4821, IER spending (October 3rd) and HR 4394, EWR (September 29th).

The whole point of today’s exercise was to allow the Rules Committee to formulate a rule and introduce the resolution for that rule. That way the House could take up that new rule tomorrow. So, it looks like we are going to wash and repeat tomorrow with a real House meeting on Sunday. Maybe...

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