Friday, September 15, 2023

Short Takes – 9-15-23

A NASA astronaut will finally spend a full year in space. article. Pull quote: “Because of the Soyuz leak, Rubio has now become the NASA astronaut with the longest continuous period of time in space. Last Monday, he broke the 355-day record set by Mark Vande Hei in 2021 and 2022, and when he lands later this month, Rubio will have spent 371 days in space.”

Enforcement Policy Regarding Operator Compliance Deadline for Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft. Federal Register FAA Enforcement Policy. Summary: “For noncompliance with the remote identification operating requirements applicable to unmanned aircraft, which occurs on or before March 16, 2024, the FAA will consider all circumstances, in particular, unanticipated issues with the available supply and excessive cost of remote identification broadcast modules and unanticipated delay in the FAA's approval of FAA-recognized identification areas, when exercising its discretion in determining whether to take enforcement action.” Effective date September 15th, 2023.

Insiders Reveal Major Problems at Lab-Grown-Meat Startup Upside Foods. article. Pull quote: “The public tasting at Bar Crenn was supposed to signal that the era of lab-grown meat had finally arrived. Instead, sources claim, Upside has struggled with technical setbacks, while projecting an image of having solved the key scientific challenge of scaling up the production of whole cuts of meat. The revelations raise questions about exactly how much cultured meat companies, after nearly $3 billion in investment over the past seven years, have accomplished—and whether certain types of cultivated meat products can ever be commercially viable.”

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