Tuesday, September 26, 2023

House Actually Moves on Spending Bills

This evening the House took up H Res 723 [link is to a Rules Committee print of the bill], the rule for the consideration of four spending bills this week. The rule was adopted by a near party-line vote of 216 to 212. The sole dissenting Republican vote was Rep Greene (GA). This is the first positive vote on a spending bill in the House since they passed HR 4366, the MilCon spending bill in July.

The House then moved to begin consideration of HR 4368, the ARD spending bill. Debates and votes on amendments will begin later. No telling how late the House will working tonight. If they intend to get all four bills considered this week, they will be voting until the wee hours of the morning.


This does nothing to deal with the impending Saturday midnight deadline for funding the government, but after the last two weeks of Republican legislative-ineptitude, it is good to see some movement on spending bills. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Hill, the Senate voted 77 to 19 to close debate on the motion to consider debate on HR 4395, the FAA authorization bill. That bill will be the vehicle for a bipartisan, relatively clean, continuing resolution. More on that tomorrow when the Congressional Record is published.

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