Friday, September 15, 2023

Senate Considered HR 4366 – FY 2024 MilCon Spending Bill – 9-14-23

Yesterday, the Senate continued their consideration of HR 4366, the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024. By a strongly bipartisan vote of 91 to 7, the Senate cleared the bill for the consideration of amendments. In a delaying move, Sen Johnson (R,WI) objected to [pg S 4504] a unanimous consent request to begin consideation of SA 1092, the amendment that would provide the substitute language for H 4366 that the Senate will consider.

Specifically, Johnson objected to the consideration of the following amendments (with 60 vote threshold for passage) to SA 1092:

Paul No. 1157 (briefly discussed yesterday),

Vance No. 1125 (prohibit COVID mask mandates),

Ernst No. 1123 (federal telework reporting requirement),

Blackburn No. 1155 (Chinese UAS spending restrictions),

Lee No. 1121 [pg S 4409] (Congressional review of agency rulemaking),

Stabenow No. 1115 [pgs S 4400-1] (Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production Program),

Peters-Cornyn No. 1122 [pgs 4411-2] (emergency and transitional pet shelter and housing assistance grant program),

Rosen No. 1117 [pg 4401] (Telehealth Capacity of Veterans Health Administration),

Padilla No. 1139 (DOT/FEMA emergency evacuation route planning guidance), and

Schatz No. 1120 [pg 4409] (DOT infrastructure spending).

An additional 32 amendments were proposed yesterday, none of which are of specific interest here.

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