Wednesday, September 27, 2023

21 Amendments Considered for HR 4368 – FY 2024 ARD Spending Bill – 9-27-23

Yesterday (ending at about 0300 EDT today) the House started considering HR 4368, the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024 (ARD Spending) under provisions of H Res 723. There were 21 amendments addressed (actually the 1st amendment was an en bloc amendment with  40 amendments listed in H Rept 118-226, the Rules Committee Report for H Res 712) adopted by a mix of voice votes and recorded votes. None of the amendments were of any specific interest here.

A significant number of the amendments were reductions in spending for various agencies and programs. These were from base numbers that were already lower than the spending agreement made earlier this year between the President and the Speaker. While many of the amendments reduced spending by a specific amount or per cent, the majority of the reductions were to levels in specific earlier fiscal years. Nine of those amendments failed by recorded vote:

H.Amdt.306 - Failed by recorded vote: 175 – 254,

H.Amdt.307 - Failed by recorded vote: 119 – 307,

H.Amdt.308 - Failed by recorded vote: 106 – 323,

H.Amdt.310 - Failed by recorded vote: 86 – 343.

H.Amdt.311 - Failed by recorded vote: 89 - 341

H.Amdt.312 - Failed by recorded vote: 68 – 362,

H.Amdt.315 - Failed by recorded vote: 83 – 348,

H.Amdt.317 - Failed by recorded vote: 81 – 350, and

H.Amdt.318 - Failed by recorded vote: 105 – 325,

Today’s Consideration

The House returned to the chambers at 9:00 this morning and instead of continuing with the ARD spending bill, they took up HR 4365, the DOD spending bill. At about 3:00 pm it stopped considering the DOD bill (without completing their work) and started on HR 4367, the DHS spending bill. At about 4:30 pm, they stopped consideration of that bill (again without completing their work) and resumed working on the ARD bill. At about 5:50 pm they finished work on the amendments to the ARD bill, but did not vote on the bill, instead resuming consideration of the amendments for the DOD bill. At 6:30 pm the House completed consideration of those amendments, but did not vote on the bill, instead they resumed working on amendments for the DHS bill. That is what they are working on as I write this post.

Interestingly, HR 4665, the State Department spending bill, which was included in H Res 723, has not been considered by the House as of yet.

I will have more details on today’s considerations after the Congressional Record is printed sometime tomorrow afternoon.


This is an unusual way to consider legislation, but at this point, it is hardly surprising that the Republican lead is working an unusual process. It looks like McCarthy is trying to get all of the detail work of the legislative process complete before they start the final vote process. I wonder if he has concerns about the results of the votes, like perhaps a couple of the Republican 11 voting against one of more of the bills because not enough spending cuts were made.

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