Friday, September 22, 2023

Short Takes – 9-22-23

Rockwell reports surge in cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, intense focus on energy sector. article. Pull quote: “Titled ‘Anatomy of 100+ Cybersecurity Incidents in Industrial Operations,’ Rockwell’s research disclosed that OT/ICS cybersecurity incidents in the last three years have already exceeded the total number reported between 1991-2000. Hackers are most intensely focused on the energy sector (39 percent of attacks) – over three times more than the next most frequently attacked verticals, critical manufacturing (11 percent) and transportation (10 percent).”

Alarm bells ring as lawmakers prep for possible shutdown. article. Pull quote: ““Many of our offices have been talking about how to make sure that our staff is going to be able to survive because the [legislative] branch appropriations budget hasn’t been passed, which means, while our staff will continue to work as essential workers, they won’t necessarily get paid,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) told reporters this week.”

101st and 82nd Airborne Division soldiers deploying to Eastern Europe. article. Pull quote: “The deployments will not increase the U.S. military’s presence on the continent, but holding that number steady with unit rotations signals that the United States continues to be committed to the region, said Marta Kepe, a senior defense analyst with the RAND Corporation.”

Tropical Storm Ophelia Heads for North Carolina Coast. article. Pull quote: “Rainfall totals across the area will vary and could lead to some flooding, forecasters said. Portions of North Carolina and Virginia could receive up to seven inches while points northward could get up to four inches.”

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