Saturday, September 30, 2023

Senate Passes HR 5860 – Clean CR

This evening, after hours of backroom dealing, the Senate took up HR 5860, the clean continuing resolution that the House pressed through earlier today, and passed it by a vote of 88 to 9. The Senate needed an unanimous consent process to consider the bill today and there was an open question about whether deals were in place to ensure that no one objected. The bill continues the FY 2023 funding rates for the government through November 17th, 2023. The bill will be signed by the President tonight; even if it is slightly after midnight, there will be no governmental shutdown this week.

While the House bucked the control of the Republican 11 to pass the CR, that does not guarantee that the same deals will allow the passage of additional spending bills or approving conference committee versions of the final bill. There is also a question of a possible vacate the chair motion next week as the Republican fringe decides whether or not they will try to punish the Speaker for working with Democrats to pass the CR.

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