Friday, September 29, 2023

HR 5525 Failed in House – Republican CR Dead

This afternoon, the House took up HR 5525, the Continuing Appropriations and Border Security Enhancement Act, 2024. The House had earlier approved H Res 741, the rule for the consideration of HR 5525 by a vote of 218 to 210. After limited debate, the bill was rejected by a vote of 198 to 232 with 21 Republicans joining all of the House Democrats in voting no.

There were no votes held today on HR 3935, the FAA reauthorization bill which the Senate will be using as the vehicle for their CR. According to @SenateCloakroom on, the Senate will vote tomorrow afternoon “to invoke cloture on substitute amendment #1292 to Cal. #211, H.R.3935, legislative vehicle for the Continuing Resolution (November 17th).”

The House is currently scheduled to meet tomorrow morning at 10:00 am EDT. There is nothing on the Majority Leaders ‘Daily Schedule’ about what is planned. There is an outside chance that the Senate could conclude their work on HR 3935 tomorrow (Sunday or Monday is more likely, but still not a given). If the Senate does approve the bill (more likely than was the House passing HR 5525 today) on Saturday, the soonest the House could consider it would be Sunday (if the Rules Committee acted favorably Saturday night, which is probably why the House will be ‘in session’ tomorrow). In any case, the government is going to shut down on Sunday.


The House taking up the Senate CR would be a major shift for Speaker McCarthy, and it would take a serious deal with the House Democrats because those 21 Republican ‘no votes’ will certainly be ‘no votes’ on a Democratic CR and there would likely be a number of others as well. The deal would probably have to include Democratic votes for McCarthy on multiple vacate the chair motions while the CR was wending its way through the House. If the House leadership was smart the deal would include a change to the House Rules that would rewrite the vacate the chair process, probably using Pelosi’s 50% of the conference process.

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