Tuesday, September 12, 2023

HR 4336 Considered in Senate – FY 2024 MilCon Spending – 9-11-23

Other than a short speech by Sen Schumer (D,NY), about the bipartisan process moving HR 4336 (the first minibus spending bill) forward, the Senate took no action on the floor on that legislation. The expected first cloture vote did not happen. This could have been due to a priorities issue in a short session, or there could be threats to the bipartisan support for the bill, that require additional negotiations. The orders for today’s session did not include any mention of HR 4336, but that is not an impediment to Senate action.

One amendment (SA 1093) was proposed for the bill, nothing of specific interest here.


Schumer needs substantial bipartisan support for this bill to be used as a bludgeon in the inevitable conference committee to beat back the more radical elements of the House version of the bill, especially the final spending number. I expect that we will see a larger than usual number of amendments by moderate Republicans brought to the floor for successful votes in the coming days.

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