Thursday, June 25, 2015

House Passes DHS Bills with Minimal Debate

This has been the week for the House to consider a number of low-controversy bills for DHS. Two of the bills in particular have been ones that I have been commenting on in this blog:

HR 1646 – The Homeland Security Drone Assessment and Analysis Act
HR 2200 – The CBRN Intelligence and Information Sharing Act of 2015

Both of these bills were debated on Tuesday, but neither attracted much discussion. The debate on HR 1646 lasted a little over six minutes. The debate on HR 2200 only took nine minutes. There were 40 minutes allotted for the debate of each bill.

HR 1646 was passed on a voice vote on Tuesday. When it came to vote on HR 2200 a recorded vote was requested which delayed the proceedings until this morning. The House voted 420 to 2 to approve HR 2200. Both bills now head to the Senate where they are likely to be considered under the unanimous consent process, but there is no telling when that might happen. They could even  die a quiet death by being ignored by the Senate leadership.

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