Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 06-17-15

The folks at DHS Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD) added two news notes today to their CFATS Knowledge Center. The first one is about the addition of the email address to the CFATS Tip Line and the second is a link to the latest CFATS Fact Sheet.

CFATS Tip Line

In addition to providing the email address ( that has been added to the CFATS Tip Line notification methods there is also a link to a two-page flyer about the Tip Line. There is no real new information in the flyer; it is essentially the same as the CFATS Tip Line web page that I reported on yesterday.

I don’t see any requirement to post this flyer, but most federal regulatory programs do expect to see covered facilities to post this type information as a means to communicate the information to employees.

CFATS Fact Sheet

The publication of the CFATS Fact Sheet looks like they may be closing out (my supposition, nothing stated) the current reporting system in the manner I discussed on Sunday. The data cut off is June 15th instead of the first of the month that we have normally seen. Since the data covers a month and a half, I will not be doing the graphs that I have been doing for the last two+ years. Instead, here is the information that I have been tracking:

Facilities currently covered under CFATS – 3,238 (down 90 from May 1st)
Facilities with authorized SSP – 3,104 (up 41 from May 1st)
Facilities with approved SSP – 1,868 (up 86 from May 1st)

Interestingly, the Fact Sheet also reports that ISCD has now reviewed more than 50,000 preliminary assessments (Top Screens). The last reported figure was ‘more than 49,000’ so they are apparently continuing to see submissions from new facilities.

Also, the May 2016 Fact Sheet is still listed on the CFATS landing page. I expect that that may have simply been an oversight.

NOTE: Still nothing on the EAP notification tool for CSAT. I have an email into ISCD waiting for information.

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