Saturday, June 13, 2015

Community Support

This week I wrote two posts about new OSHA interpretation memos (here and here). As I mentioned in the first post, I was pointed at this topic by a reader. I appreciated being notified of the new OSHA actions that I had not noticed and I was happy to share my thoughts on the topics with the chemical safety and security community. That is, after all, why I have been writing this blog for the last seven plus years.

In this particular case, since the email was from a corporate account (with a copy sent to their legal department – an interesting twist), it was clear that the reader intended that I would bring to public scrutiny these actions by OSHA. And they probably hoped that I would chastise OSHA for the administrative slight-of-hand with which they had changed the regulatory playing field.

I am fairly certain that they were not completely satisfied with the approach that I took in both posts. Sorry about that. This is my blog, and when I write about opinions they are my opinions and no one else’s. While long time readers feel fairly comfortable with predicting the point of view that I will take on topics everyone should be well aware that I am a loose cannon whose targeting cannot be even loosely controlled.

I am more than happy to take topics suggested by readers, whether they be corporate insiders, vocal activists or government regulators, and run with them. Just don’t expect me to write a press release for whatever point of view you are espousing.

And please, if you disagree with me (and I would be surprised if most people don’t at some time or another) feel free to call me on whatever you think I said wrong. Post a comment (anonymously if necessary), send me an email, or even call me. I always appreciate feedback and I am more than happy to give opposing views a chance to be heard. I have been known to change my mind and am perfectly happy with revising my opinions to accommodate new facts or intelligent counter-arguments.

Finally, please remember that I am currently a freelance writer (some say that that is a fancy term for unemployed). That means that I make my living (such as it is) from writing things. Typically if you want a freelance writer to write something, you have to pay for that service. Now this blog is a free service to the chemical safety and security service so I am not going to demand that anyone pay me for what I write here.

Having said that, a certain amount of decorum would suggest that if you want me to write in this blog about a specific topic, you might want to consider contributing to the support of this blog. There is a box to the right side of the blog that allows you to do just that. You might want to wait until after I write my post because I don’t plan on doing refunds because I pissed you off with my opinion. Because you are still going to get my opinion.

If you want me to write an advertorial for your particular point of view, please contact me directly. We can discuss terms and where the piece will be published. I am after all a freelance writer. It just won’t appear here.

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