Friday, May 15, 2015

House Amends and Passes 2016 NDA

This morning the House finished the amendment process on HR 1735, the National Defense Authorization Act for 2016. A large number of amendments to the bill were adopted including both of the amendments (drone and cybersecurity) that I mentioned in yesterday’s post on the bill. Both of the amendments were included in en bloc considerations adopted by voice vote yesterday. The final vote was a partially bipartisan vote of 269 to 151.

The Senate Armed Services Committee is finishing up their markup of the Senate version of the NDA. The full Senate will take up that bill in the coming weeks. Then a conference committee will be convened to work out the differences in the two bills before it is voted upon again by both house of Congress and shipped off to the President for signature. There has been a presidential threat to veto the current House version of the bill.

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