Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 CSSS Update – 05-16-15

Still no registration information for the 2015 Chemical Sector Security Conference, but DHS has added a ‘neat’ new ‘Save the Date’ flyer (.PDF) to the CSSS web site.

The CSSS web site also has a new added feature; a listing of ‘Summit Highlights’. An interesting addition to that list is “Discover how to use social media during incident management.”

Unfortunately there is still no indication that DHS intends to web cast the CSSS. With the limited attendance space available and the declining attendance over the last couple of years, this would seem to be an obvious way to reach out to the entire chemical sector (much less the more than 3,000 CFATS facilities). Oh well, DHS does seem to be discovering social media so there is still hope.

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