Saturday, December 3, 2022

Short Takes – 12-3-22

Space Force opens new regional base in Florida. article. Tenant headquarters at an existing base. “U.S. Space Forces-Central, opened at MacDill Air Force Base, “will play a significant role in supporting Centcom’s growing need for space-based capabilities such as satellite navigation, communications and missile warnings” in the Middle East and central Asia, according to a Wednesday release from the command.”

DHS cyber board to examine hacking extortion group Lapsus$. article. Pull quote: ““The ongoing Lapsus$ hacks represent just the type of activity that merits a fulsome review and can provide forward-looking recommendations to improve the nation’s cybersecurity in the near term,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a background call to reporters on Friday.”

Where Advanced Cyberttackers Are Heading Next: Disruptive Hits, New Tech. article. Pull quote: “Military conflict will join cybercrime as a driving force behind APT groups in the coming year, John Lambert, corporate vice president and distinguished engineer at Microsoft's Threat Intelligence Center, stated in the company's Digital Defense Report 2022 released last month.”

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