Friday, December 2, 2022

Bills Introduced – 12-1-22

 Yesterday, with both the House and Senate in lame duck session, there were 64 bills introduced. One of those bills will receive additional coverage in this blog:

HR 9386 - To protect clean air and public health by expanding fenceline and ambient air monitoring and access to air quality information for communities affected by air pollution, to require hazardous air pollutant monitoring at the fenceline of facilities whose emissions are linked to local health threats, to ensure the Environmental Protection Agency promulgates rules that require hazardous air pollutant data measurement and electronic submission at fencelines and stacks of industrial source categories, to expand and strengthen the national ambient air quality monitoring network, to deploy air sensors in communities affected by air pollution, and for other purposes. Harder, Josh [Rep.-D-CA-10]

To be fair, there is little chance that there will be any further action on this bill before the 117th Congress ends beyond publishing the text of the bill.

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