Saturday, December 24, 2022

CSB Publishes Final Report on Kuraray America 2018 Ethylene Release and Fire

Earlier this week the Chemical Safety Board published their second accident report this week, describing the results of their investigation of the 2018 Ethylene release and fire at the Kuraray America manufacturing facility in Pasadena, TX. That fire injured 23 personnel. The CSB also provides a video overview of the incident.

You ever watch one of those cheap, poorly written detective movies where everyone figures out whodunnit in the first 20 minutes of the film, except the intrepid detective. That is what I felt when I watched the video. So many things done wrong, it is amazing that the incident did not occur earlier, or more catastrophically. The final event was the emergency venting of ethylene into an area where welding was going on.

Investigation Back Log

In my post on the earlier report this week, I reported that there were two remaining reports that the CSB had promised to complete by the end of the year and I noted: “It does not look like they will make it, given the holidays.” Well, I need to revise that now. With two reports in one week, there does not seem to be any reason to expect that the CSB could not publish the final report (Husky Energy Refinery – Superior, WI, 4/26/2018) in the upcoming short week. And I am happy to add that they did not appear to take any short cuts in completing this last week’s two reports.

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