Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Short Takes – 12-28-22

George Santos Confessed to Lying, But There’s a Lot More Out There. And It’s Really Weird. article. The 118th Congress is going to be interesting. Pull quote: “But we will not forget, in part because looming over all of this is a political question with very big implications: Will Santos be seated in the House come January, and if he is, what happens next? Given the bare four-seat majority that the GOP holds in that chamber and Kevin McCarthy’s mad scramble to secure every single vote he can in support of his Speakership, the answer could prove pivotal. So let’s examine those finances a bit more closely and then see what, if anything, that might change for Santos’s (and by extension, Kevin McCarthy’s and the GOP’s) political future.”

Most of Jackson, Miss., is without water after ‘invisible leak’. article. Someone missed putting ‘yet again’ in the title. Pull quote: “Henifin said part of the problem is that the system doesn’t have the monitoring technology needed to find the leak. He said the city has experienced a lack of funding worse than many other cities of its size.”

The West Coast is being drenched by ‘atmospheric rivers.’ What are they? article. Amid a drought, a flood. Pull quote: “Some improvement is likely Wednesday and Thursday across the West, but there are signs of another atmospheric river event on the way. The instigating low-pressure system, visible as a swirl on water vapor imagery, is currently sliding east to the south of the Alaskan Aleutians, and will tug ashore another ribbon of moisture as we head into the weekend.”

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