Sunday, December 11, 2022

Short Takes – 12-11-22

Why Sinema left the Democratic Party. article. Pull quote: ““Democrats in Arizona only comprise 30 percent of the electorate. It’s the smallest bloc behind Republicans on top and independents in second place. So when she talks about representing Arizona, she’s not lying. This isn’t hyperbole,” she said.”

Japanese company's lander rockets toward moon with UAE rover. article. Pull quote: “In addition, the lander is carrying an orange-sized sphere from the Japanese Space Agency that will transform into a wheeled robot on the moon. Also flying: a solid state battery from a Japanese-based spark plug company; an Ottawa, Ontario, company's flight computer with artificial intelligence for identifying geologic features seen by the UAE rover; and 360-degree cameras from a Toronto-area company.”

Germany struggles to get China parts to replenish ammo stockpile. article. Another military supply chain glitch, cotton not silicon. Pull quote: “German ammunition makers at a recent defense symposium near Munich flagged that the lead time for orders of cotton linters from China -- a key component for propelling charges for both small guns and artillery -- has tripled to up to nine months, German-language daily Die Welt reported.”

The Satisfaction of Mathematically Efficient Christmas Cookies. article. Pull quote: “But baking isn’t always about the pursuit of perfection. Simply trying to create the most effective method of slicing up some festive cookies should be encouraged, says Abrahamsen. “I would advise [people] to do it … for the joy of the puzzle,” he says. “It’s good to think about it, but they shouldn’t expect to find the optimal solution.””

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