Thursday, December 15, 2022

CSB Update on 2021 Yenkin- Majestic Plant Explosion and Fire

Yesterday, the Chemical Safety Board published an update on their on-going investigation of the explosion and fire at the Yenkin- Majestic Plant in Columbus, OH. The update provides a description of the events leading up to the initial fire involving a process upset and the release of flammable vapors into the plant environment. It also outlines the next steps in the CSB investigation.

While these updates are becoming more common, the CSB continues to have a significant backlog of completed investigations. Back in October, the CSB published a schedule for completing those investigation reports, listing three investigations to be completed this year. It is unlikely that the CSB will be able to complete those three in the remains holiday shortened month. This will place the remainder of the projected schedule in jeopardy.

Yesterday’s confirmation of a new board member and the upgrade of Steve Owens to the Chair of the Board may improve the Board’s oversight of the investigation process, but it is unlikely to compensate for the current understaffing.

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