Friday, December 23, 2022

Short Takes – 12-23-22

Russia might send up rescue ship for ISS crew. article. Pull quote: “There are currently seven people aboard the orbital outpost, but if MS-22 were deemed unfit, it would also mean the ISS has just one "lifeboat" capable of carrying four people, in case it needs to be evacuated.”

The permanent Microsoft DCOM hardening patch could shut down your ICS. article. Pull quote: “The DCOM hardening patch was designed to strengthen authentication between DCOM clients and servers. However, Microsoft has indicated some ICS products will be unable to establish a proper DCOM connection once the hardening patch takes effect. Rockwell Automation has since issued its own statement acknowledging its machines will be unable to establish a proper DCOM connection after installation of the Microsoft DCOM hardening patch.”

Why Many Cold Medicines Don’t Work to Relieve Congestion. article. Pull quote: “Phenylephrine is also the main ingredient in injections that increase blood pressure and in topical treatments to relieve hemorrhoids. As a decongestant, studies have found phenylephrine works when given via nasal spray.”

Egg Prices Surge to Records as Bird Flu Hits Poultry Flocks. article. Pull quote: “More than 40 million egg-laying chickens have died in the current outbreak, according to USDA data, with the total supply of egg-laying chickens falling more than 5%—to about 308 million—from the start of January to December.”

Impact of the Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) on Legitimate Commercial Chemical, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Activities Involving “Schedule 1” Chemicals (Including “Schedule 1” Chemicals Produced as Intermediates) During Calendar Year 2022. request for information. Pull quote: “The Bureau of Industry and Security is seeking public comments on the impact that implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, through the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act of 1998 and the Chemical Weapons Convention Regulations, has had on commercial activities involving “Schedule 1” chemicals during calendar year 2022. The purpose of this notice of inquiry is to collect information to assist BIS in its preparation of the annual certification to the Congress on whether the legitimate commercial activities and interests of chemical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical firms are harmed by such implementation.”

Enhancing Surface Cyber Risk Management. comment date extension. Pull quote: “The ANPRM solicited comment on specific questions, which would assist TSA in better understanding how the pipeline and rail sectors implement cyber risk management in their operations, support TSA in achieving objectives related to the enhancement of pipeline and rail cybersecurity, and help TSA develop a comprehensive and forward-looking approach to cybersecurity requirements. Through this document, TSA is extending the comment period by 15 calendar days to provide additional time for the public to provide comments.”

Incorporation by Reference; North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria; Hazardous Materials Safety Permits. final rule. Pull quote: “FMCSA amends its Hazardous Materials Safety Permits regulations to incorporate by reference the April 1, 2022, edition of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) handbook (the handbook) containing inspection procedures and Out-of-Service Criteria (OOSC) for the inspection of commercial motor vehicles used in the transportation of transuranic waste and highway route-controlled quantities of radioactive material. The OOSC provide enforcement personnel nationwide, including FMCSA's State partners, with uniform enforcement tolerances for these inspections. Through this rule, FMCSA incorporates by reference the April 1, 2022, edition of the handbook.”

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