Saturday, December 10, 2022

CRS Reports – Cybersecurity – Week of 12-3-22

The Congressional Research Service published two reports this week related to cybersecurity issues:

Defense Primer: Cyberspace Operations, and

Cybersecurity: A Primer

While not exactly cybersecurity, the first publication provides a quick overview of military operations in the cyber realm. There is no discussion of on-going congressional issues on this topic.

The second report provides a broad look at cybersecurity in information systems. It contains a brief mention of IoT issues, but does not even mention control systems or operations technology. There is a brief (if overly broad) discussion of potential issues for congressional consideration.

These CRS reports are going to be increasingly important in the coming months as the 118th Congress starts into session. This Congress contains a fairly large contingent of new Representatives and Senators and of course their staffs. CRS reports will be an important tool to be used by the newbies on Capitol Hill to begin formulating positions and policies on unfamiliar topics.

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