Thursday, December 15, 2022

CISA Consolidates Twitter Accounts

Today, CISA published a formal notice confirming what they have been saying on TWITTER for a couple of days now, they are consolidating their TWITTER accounts. One of the casualties is the @ICSCERT feed.

Back on Monday, @ICSCERT Tweeted:

 There is some dated information in that Tweet, in today’s announcement CISA says that: “@USCERT_gov Twitter account is now renamed @CISACyber”. If you go to, you get informed that: “This account is no longer active. Follow @CISAgov and @CISACyber”. Some confusion, but @ICS-CERT is dead.

This action has met with some resistance from the ICS community. Dale Patterson’s comment did not make it into that thread, he pointed out that: “Very troubling that the decision makers at DHS are thinking this make sense. It's not like DHS isn't getting and spending a lot of money purportedly to focus on ICS.”

With the ongoing decline of TWITTER as an infosec resource because of the changes that Musk has been making on the platform since his purchase, this may be a storm in a teapot. Maybe the larger question is when will CISA (and the rest of the federal government) starts to move off of TWITTER? Here is a suggestion, CISA ought to establish an instance on Mastodon where they can control the rules about their conversations without worrying about the changing political whims of private sector owners.

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