Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 Chemical Sector Security Summit

Well, apparently you won’t publicly hear this from DHS, but they are holding the 2014 Chemical Sector Security Summit (CSSS) on July 22nd thru the 24th. SOCMA has their announcement up but there is no DHS site for the 2014 CSSS and the 2013 CSSS site returns an ‘Access Denied’ message as it has no for almost a month.

I actually heard about these dates over a week ago from a reader who thought that he might have received a phishing email. I tried to check it out with my normal PR contact, but my emails are not being returned again.

Anyway the SOCMA page provides the necessary information, though it is more focused on the Expo that they are holding in conjunction with the CSSS. Registration for the CSSS can be done here.

While ISCD Director Wulf has bragged about the outreach success of the CSSS in congressional hearings, it really looks like DHS is trying to phase out the CSSS. They provide less and less advance notice, continue to make information about the presentations hard to find, and wonder why fewer people are attending. I don’t think it will last much longer.

NOTE: DHS PR has contacted me with the link to to the DHS web site for the 2014CSSS - [2:20 CDT, 6-6-2014].

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