Monday, June 9, 2014

Full Committee Draft of FY 2015 DOD Appropriations Bill

Today the House Appropriations Committee published a draft version of the FY 2015 DOD spending bill that they will markup tomorrow. A copy of the draft bill is here and a draft of the Full Committee Report is here. I did not see any specific mention of cybersecurity or cyber-warfare issues in the draft bill.

There is a paragraph (pg 268) about cybersecurity research in the draft version of the Committee Report that concludes by recommending that:

Accordingly, the Committee encourages the Secretary of Defense to leverage information assurance and cyber defense research done through defense agencies, including the National Security Agency, as the Department plans and conducts interdisciplinary research to identify and close cybersecurity gaps.

Well, the good stuff is probably in the classified annex of the bill and report.

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