Thursday, June 5, 2014

National Response Center Web Site Down for Security Reasons

A long time reader with connections to the Coast Guard (who wishes to remain anonymous for that reason) called to my attention that the Coast Guard’s NationalResponse Center web site (the official site to report oil and chemical spills and maritime security incidents on-line) has been off line for a couple of months now. In its place is the following notice:

“The National Response Center (NRC) website has been taken offline following identification of security vulnerabilities, and is now being rebuilt to meet new cyber-security standards. The website is anticipated to be offline for an extended period of time while a new website is built.”

I know that Congress has been keeping the Coasties on a tight budget, but two months to re-do a web site seems to be excessive. Does anyone know what ‘security vulnerability’ was involved or why it has been taking so long to get the damn thing back up and running?

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