Monday, June 16, 2014

ISCD Publishes June 2014 CFATS Update

Today the good folks at DHS Infrastructure Security Compliance Division got around to publishing their June update for the CFATS program. The new data covers the month of May so my charts will call the latest data points ‘May 2014’ instead of ‘June 2014’. Generally speaking the number of both authorized site security plans and approved site security plans continues to rise while the total number of covered facilities continues to fall.

Diagram 1 shows the last 12 months’ worth of data for the program. We continue to see an increasing number of authorized and approved site security plans.

 Diagram 1: Total Authorized and Approved SSPs
Diagram 2 shows the rate of authorizations and approvals; only two months have seen a higher rate of site security plan approvals.

 Diagram 2: Rate of SSP Authorizations and Approvals

Diagram 3 shows the number of facilities covered by the CFATS program. The total number of covered facilities continues to decline. ISCD still does not provide an explanation of how much this decline is related to decreased risk or poor economic activity.

Diagram 3: Number of Covered Facilities

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