Monday, June 9, 2014

Congressional Hearings – Week of 6-8-14

Both the House and Senate will be working in Washington this week. Spending bills dominate; two spending markup hearings and a Rules Committee hearing make the list of potential specific interest to readers of this blog. Also included would be another markup hearing of miscellaneous homeland security bills and a Senate oversight hearing on DHS.

Spending Bills

The House Appropriations Committee will mark up the FY 2015 Defense spending bill on Tuesday and the DHS spending bill on Wednesday. Committee drafts are not yet publicly available.

The House Rules Committee will be holding a hearing on Tuesday that will include the Agriculture spending bill, HR 4800. The text of that bill and the Appropriations Committee report are both available on the Rules Committee web site.

The Full House will begin consideration of HR 4745, the FY 2015 THUD spending bill today under an open rule. I expect that we will see at least one crude oil train related amendment offered.

Homeland Security Markups

The House Homeland Security Committee will meet on Wednesday to mark up a number of bills. Of particular interest to readers of this blog will be:

HR 3202, the “Essential Transportation Worker Identification Credential Assessment Act”;
HR 4263, the "Social Media Working Group Act of 2014"’; and
HR 4289, the “Department of Homeland Security Interoperable Communications Act”

DHS Oversight

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold an oversight hearing on DHS operations on Wednesday. This will be a high-level review with little in the way of details.

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