Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More CSSS Update

Well, over the evening hours it seems that DHS-NPPD did get part of their web presence related to the 2013 Chemical Sector Security Summit changed. The CSSS web page was updated to include links to the page I described last night (which still has the same registration link problem) and a link to a color-glossy flyer for the 2013 CSSS; no new information in the flyer.

Oh, and the last thing on the page? It was last ‘reviewed/modified 7 May, 2013’. Maybe this is why NPPD went away from putting ‘update’ information on their pages; it looked silly when they forgot to change it.

BTW: Don’t waste your time clicking on the registration link on the ‘preliminary agenda’. It just takes you to a Cvent web page. They are the organization that is managing the registration for the CSSS. A nice page, but you have to use their search tool to get to the actual registration page. Just use the SOCMA provided link.

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