Saturday, June 1, 2013

Comments for TWIC Reader NPRM – 6-1-13

This is part of a continuing series of blog posts on the public comments filed in the previous week for the Coast Guard’s TWIC Reader NPRM. The previous posts in the series are listed below.

The second week into a one-month comment extension and there were only two comments posted this week; an individual and a marine service operator.

Waterside Access

The individual commentor questions the need for TWIC Readers when “the biggest threat to any facility in any port is waterside access because facilities do not have authority to enforce laws or access on the water”.

Barge Fleeting Facilities

The marine service operator questions the need for TWIC Readers at barge fleeting facilities when the serviced vessels will not be required to have TWIC Readers because of the 14 person crew limit rule. He notes that most of these facilities employee even fewer people than the towing vessels they service.

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