Wednesday, June 12, 2013

House Rules Committee Adopts Initial Rule for HR 1960

Last night the House Rules Committee adopted the rule for the consideration of HR 1960, the FY 2014 DOD authorization bill. This rule (H. Res. 256) only covers the initial debate; a separate Rules Committee hearing this afternoon will consider what amendments will be debated and voted upon before the bill is brought to an actual vote.

Adoption of this Resolution, probably today, will clear the House for a 1 hour debate on the general merits of the bill. No amendments will be offered and no votes will take place.

As I noted in an earlier blog there are several cybersecurity related provisions included in the latest version of this bill. None of them deal specifically with control systems or non-defense related computer systems, but they may have an impact on future proposed cybersecurity legislation. Due to the size of the defense related (government, contract and vendor) computer system foot print these provisions could also influence how vendors handle cybersecurity issues in general.

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