Thursday, April 11, 2013

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 4-11-13

The CFATS Knowledge Center was finally updated today to reflect information about the new CFATS Personnel Surety Program (PSP) information collection request notice that was published in the Federal Register last month.

Page Changes

The ‘Latest News’ section of the page contains a brief note about the publication of the 60-day ICR notice (inappropriately identified as a “60-Day Paperwork Reduction Act Notice”). It also notes that: “A fact sheet on the Notice is available in the “Personnel Surety” section of the Knowledge Center.”

The ‘Documentation’ section of the page contains links to both the fact sheet and the Federal Register notice.

Also, Article 1721 has been removed from the CFATS Knowledge Center. I described the article this way when it was introduced in July 2011:

“Article # 1721 has been added to the list of articles maintained on the CFATS Knowledge Center. As with most of the other articles, this one provides a fairly high level summary of how the new personal surety program will work. Anyone working CFATS issues should read the article in its entirety. It provides a much more understandable description of the program than did the notices published in today’s Federal Register.”

PSP Fact Sheet

The fact sheet mentioned above is actually entitled: “Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) RBPS 12 (iv) - Personnel Surety”. As with the late Article 1721, this two page document provides an overview of the PSP outlined in the Federal Register notice. An important aspect of this fact sheet it that it not only describes how the program is intended to work, but it also describes the differences between this latest version and the July 2011 version that was submitted to OMB and later withdrawn.

As with the earlier article, this fact sheet should be read by, and kept in the files of, every CFATS covered facility. 

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