Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WMD Hearing Update

The House Homeland Security Committee has provided additional information on their upcoming hearing on WMD that I reported on Sunday; a witness list has been provided. The witnesses include:

• Mr. Richard Daddario, Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism, NYC PD;
• Dr. Huban Gowadia, Acting Director, DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
• Mr. Scott McAllister, Deputy Under Secretary, State and Local Program Officer, DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis; and
• Dr. Leonard Cole, Newark, New Jersey

The first three will serve as the first panel and it looks like their focus will be essentially an unclassified intelligence update with perhaps an update on the status of the DNO detection program and the NYC WMD prevention program. Dr. Cole is an odd single panel witness he is both a medical doctor (dentistry) and a political science professor (Rutgers-Newark) and is a recognized expert on bioterrorism. So once again the Committee is ignoring the industrial chemical component of the WMD threat.

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