Sunday, April 21, 2013

HR 1534 Introduced – Port Security Grant Authorization

As I mentioned last week Rep. Hahn (D,CA) introduced HR 1534, the Port Security Grant Act of 2013. This very simple bill (effectively one operational sentence) would extend the current $400 million dollar per year authorization for port security grants under 46 USC 70107 until 2017. This bill, it turns out, bears no similarity to HR 4005 in the last session.

If this bill makes it to the floor of the House (or Senate for that matter) it will almost certainly pass with significant bipartisan support. I suspect, however, that this will be folded into a Coast Guard authorization bill. Ms. Hahn represents at least a portion of the Port of Los Angeles so I suspect that the introduction of this bill was intended for inclusion in campaign literature as much as actual consideration in Congress.

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