Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 4-3-13

Today the folks at ISCD updated the CFATS Knowledge Center web site adding a link to a “CFATS Fact Sheet – April 2013”. This is the same fact sheet that was sent out to facilities yesterday with the ISCD announcement of the DHS OIG CFATS management report.

Fact Sheet

This is an interesting, one-page description of the CFATS program as seen from the point of view of ISCD. A lot of the program descriptions are in Washington-speak, but the box on the right side of the form does provide some current numbers on the implementation of the program. There is no specific data cut-off date give (April 2013), but the numbers do appear to be updated from the latest (March 14th) congressional testimony of Under Secretary Beers; authorized SSPs – 280 (vs 255), approved SSPs/ASPs – 53 (vs 40). Progress appears to be continuing.

Other Changes

Back on March 13th there were two other additions made to the CFATS Knowledge Center, the addition of Article 1730 and 1731. I didn’t report on these then because they don’t really appear to be a real addition to the knowledge base. It looks like these were test messages for the use of a new software package (or something) called MITRE OT. I’m pretty sure that they were supposed to have been deleted and not posted live.

No Personnel Surety Changes

There is still not mention of the publication of the Personnel Surety Program 60-day ICR notice. I really did expect to see at least a note in the ‘Latest News’ section of the page and a link to a copy of the 60-day ICR in the ‘Documentation’ section. An article describing the differences between this new ICR notice and the one canceled last summer would really have been nice.

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