Friday, April 5, 2013

CFATS Update Has New Home

The CFATS Fact Sheet that I mentioned on Wednesday has gotten a new name and home on the DHS web site. It is now called the CFATS Update Fact Sheet and its link has a prominent place on the Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security web page.

According to Brian Hyer in public affairs at the Office of Infrastructure Protection, the Department intends to update this fact sheet monthly. Given the problems that ISCD has been having (and apparently is well on its way to correcting) with authorizing and approving Site Security Plans, we can certainly forgive them for wanting to publicize how well they are currently doing.

Just a friendly warning, with people now watching for this update, any delay in providing updates is going to result in questions being asked about unannounced problems with the SSP authorization/approval process. If/when problems do come up (and let’s face it, they will) ISCD is going to have to get out in front and explain the problem. Fortunately this fact sheet may provide just the right vehicle for that effort.

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