Monday, June 22, 2009

Reader Comment – 06-22-09 – S 1274

Michael A. writes about today’s blog on S 1274: “One thing at a time. This is aimed at something very specific and something lots of Senators can easily get onboard with. Now as long as it's not overloaded with amendments.... ;) He makes a good point. This is simple and straightforward legislation and because it is obviously targeted at Bayer CropScience this should have little problem passing if it makes it to the floor. I suspect that it stands a much better chance of being added to the DHS budget bill. That will avoid all of the unpleasantness of committee hearings and such. I don’t like the ‘one thing at a time’ approach. It can cause significant confusion. This is a pretty good case in point. If this bill passes because it is the ‘Bayer’ bill and nothing else is done about the other places where SSI provisions exist, we will see the same type action take place again. Only it may not be as big a deal as MIC and Institute, WV with all of the attendant publicity that that entailed. Or it may not be a government agency like the CSB that gets hit with the limitations and threats of law suits. In those cases not enough people may notice. In any case the time to solve the problem is now while everyone’s memory is clear and sharp about the problems that this situation caused. Just solving this for Bayer CropScience will do no good, after-all they have promised to sin no more.

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