Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reader Comment – 06-11-09 – Background Checks

Earlier today MVincenti posted a comment to my posing on the latest CFATS ICR. MVincenti asked:
“Is the background screening for CSAT tool more detailed that for that of TWIC? I am just curious as to whether the same types of procedures are being used for background checks both CFATS and TWIC. I did a quick google search to see if I could find the criteria used to check a TWIC applicant's background without success.”
The terrorist data base search described in the ICR just looks at checking the TSA TSDB. The TWIC background check is more extensive (see 49 CFR 1570 Part B) but it does include checking the same TSDB. The TWIC background check incorporates more of the types of checks that DHS expects high-risk chemical facilities to use in their personnel surety program. If facilities were to get TWICs for each of their employees that had access to restricted or security areas, this would almost certainly fulfill the RBPS #12 requirements. I haven’t priced the various outfits that do background checks, but it just might be that getting TWIC’s for everyone might be cheaper in the long run.


Wally Magda said...

Great TWIC can't be obtained in some states because there aren't any enrollment centers. One example is Colorado. I would have to travel quite a distance to get a TWIC processed. Wally Magda

Kara said...

I don't think a TWIC is necessary in all cases. The common type of background check should be enough in most situations.

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