Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reader Comment – 06-02-09 – Other Extremists

Yesterday Anonymous posted a comment to my blog on American Extremists. Agreeing with at least some of my comments, Anonymous also pointed out that: “the attack on the US Army recruiting station [in Little Rock, AR], and killing of a soldiers and wounding of another is similar” example of American extremists. I hadn’t seen the news reports on the Little Rock attack when I wrote my post, and still haven’t seen anything definitive about the motivation of the attacker. An report described it as more of an impulsive attack by a “man with ‘political and religious motives’”. In any case, I would tend to agree with anonymous that this is yet another example of the American Lone Wolf style of politically motivated attack. One parting comment, this type of attack is one of the most difficult to defend against. Thankfully they seldom use weapons of mass effects.

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