Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TSA Corporate Security Review ICR

A notice published in yesterday’s Federal Register indicates that the Transportation Security Administration intends to resume it Corporate Security Review (CSR) program for the “trucking, school bus, and motor coach modes of the surface transportation sector” (74 FR 28264). The Notice was an information collection request (ICR) for the reinstatement of OMB Control Number 1652-0036. The CSR program used site visits and interviews to collect information on voluntary security programs in these three modes of surface transportation. As many as three TSA inspectors conduct these interviews. Typical interviews last two to three hours and cover “eleven topics: Management and oversight of the security plan, threat assessment, criticality assessment, vulnerability assessment, personnel security, training, physical security countermeasures, en route security, information technology security, security exercises and drills, and a hazardous materials addendum.” One of the purposes of this ICR Notice is to collect information from the public to allow the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to evaluate the proposed information collection to ensure that it serves a practical government purpose and minimize the burden on the public entities providing the information. Interestingly, TSA estimates that the 1200 hours of interviews that will be conducted at 400 facilities in the typical year will cost those entities $0.00 (74 FR 28265). Comments on the ICR can be mailed or delivered to:
Ginger LeMay, PRA Officer Office of Information Technology Transportation Security Administration 601 South 12th Street Arlington, VA 20598-6011

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