Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reader Comments – 06-08-09 CFATS Reauthorization Bill

Ask and you shall receive; if you have engaged readers. Luckily I do. I asked in yesterday’s blog if anyone could send me a recent version of the draft CFATS reauthorization legislation and there it was in this morning’s email. It is about two months newer than the version I had previously seen, so I’ll spend some time eagerly reviewing it for detectable changes. Unfortunately, Title II, Community Drinking Water Systems, is still blank, but that is still probably in the works with the staff at Energy and Commerce. Since most of the large volume chlorine users fall in this category (according to the Center for American Progress) I imagine that they are getting some pressure applied from both sides on the IST issue. Another piece of news came with the file; it looks like the first hearing will be around the middle of the month. This is certainly getting awfully late to be able to get this before the Senate committees before the August recess. More info after I have a chance to review this.

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