Friday, June 12, 2009

DHS FY2010 Budget Changes by House Appropriations Committee

The House Appropriations Committee has just posted two documents to their web site as a result of today’s hearing on the DHS FY2010 budget markup. The Bill Text (as ‘ordered reported’) has not yet been posted on the site. The posted documents are: The Bill Summary Terminations and Reductions Nothing in these two documents refers to CFATS spending or reauthorization, but that isn’t surprising it is a relatively small part of the budget. The reauthorization language would be in the Bill Text. The Committee did reduce the President’s budget request for funding of TSA Surface Transportation Security Inspectors by $25 million “due to a long delay in hiring previously funded inspectors” (pg 3 of Bill Summary). It is not clear how much that will impact the provisions in HR 2200, §302(c) calling for the hiring of “200 additional surface transportation security inspectors in fiscal year 2010” as that language was qualified by the phrase ‘subject to the availability of appropriations’.

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