Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Video Surveillance Information

John Honovich has provided another tool on his web site, IPVideoMarket.info, to make it easier for people to find detailed information about video surveillance tools, techniques, and suppliers. John’s web site provides an interesting mix of free and fee based information about a wide variety of video surveillance information and this new tool provides detailed information about how to find and use the information. John’s new tool provides links and a brief video tutorial on:
Getting Started in Video Surveillance Finding What's New in Video Surveillance Finding Information on Companies and Products Searching for Video Surveillance Information What's inside the Premium Subscription Service? How do I sign up? How do I cancel my subscription? How do I get covered/reviewed on IP Video Market Info?
The last area provides information to video surveillance equipment and service providers on how to get their products and services covered on John’s web site. John explains that he wants companies to explain how they provide “more value or is novel compared to existing market offerings”. John explains that: “My goal is to provide information on technology and products that the community would find interesting or novel. It's not based on ad purchases or sponsorships so as long as I can understand your advantages, I will be happy to review and feature you on the site.” Once again, I believe that John’s web site provides a good source of information for facility security officers looking to find basic information about video surveillance tools, techniques and service providers. It will not make anyone an expert on video surveillance, but it will help the novice understand what is being said and done by contractors and consultants that are providing video surveillance services to the facility.

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