Friday, June 12, 2009

DHS Budget Schedule – Update 06-12-09

Chairman David Obey (D, WI) of the Appropriations Committee earlier this week published a tentative schedule for getting all of the FY2019 Appropriations bills through a House Floor vote prior to the August Recess. The Homeland Security Appropriations bill (still no bill number available) has been through the Subcommittee markup (6-8-09) and the Full Committee markup (earlier today) hearings. From the schedule it looks like the full committee will vote on the final version of the bill on Monday (6-15-09) at 6:30 pm EDT. His calendar calls for this bill to go to the floor for discussion (6-19-09) and a vote (6-23-09) this month. I don’t know how this will fit in with the schedule for the Homeland Security Committee, but they have been holding subcommittee hearings this week. To get to the floor by next Friday, there will have to be at least one full committee hearing between now and then. I haven’t been able to load the webcast of today’s Appropriations Committee mark-up hearing and they have no documentation posted yet to their site. That means that I have no idea what changes, if any have been made to that bill. If the Appropriations Committee is going to vote on it Monday, I expect that the GPO will not have a print version/electronic available before mid-day Tuesday at the earliest.

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