Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HRes 573 for Consideration of HR 2892

Yesterday evening the House Rules Committee submitted their report on HRes 573 which provides the rule for the consideration of HR 2892, the DHS Appropriations Act of 2010. The rule describes how the House will consider HR 2892 including what amendments can/will be submitted during consideration on the floor. I reported yesterday that the Rules Committee would consider only one amendment that would be of interest to the chemical security community; the Dent amendment to deny funds for the enforcement of IST provisions under CFATS. That amendment did not make it to the list of amendments that will be considered on the floor. Now, the only thing of consequence to the chemical security community is the funding for CFATS enforcement which is apparently unchanged from earlier discussions about this appropriations bill. No word specifically when this bill will be called up for consideration. It could certainly come to a floor vote this week. NOTE: The following was added at 09:11 a.m EDT: The Congressional Record Daily Digest for June 23rd notes that (pg D752) that the House will consider HR 2892 (subject to a rule) today.

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