Saturday, June 22, 2024

Short Takes – 6-22-24

‘Lasagna-like’ layered structure could triple productivity of water splitting to make hydrogen. article. Pull quote: “The authors agree. ‘The issues with critical raw materials are crucial, [we] clearly need to improve sourcing and recycling of the materials in any new technologies,’ explains López. The team will now study several substitutes, including nickel, manganese and other metals, assessing the possibilities of delamination beyond cobalt–tungsten oxide. King adds that this lasagna design could be applied to solve other pressing environmental problems with electrocatalysis, such as turning carbon dioxide into fuels or fixing nitrogen-fixing to make fertiliser production much less energy intensive.”

Final Determination: Case No. ICTS-2021-002, Kaspersky Lab, Inc. Federal Register BIS notice. Determination: “he Department finds that Kaspersky's provision of cybersecurity and anti-virus software to U.S. persons, including through third-party entities that integrate Kaspersky cybersecurity or anti-virus software into commercial hardware or software, poses undue and unacceptable risks to U.S. national security and to the security and safety of U.S. persons. Consistent with 15 CFR 7.109(a), the Secretary now issues this Final Determination, which sets forth the Department's decision, based on the risks presented in the Initial Determination and the subsequent responses and mitigation proposals from Kaspersky, as further detailed below.”

Ukraine says its drones struck four Russian oil refineries in major attack. article. Pull quote: “Drone storage and launch sites, command and control centres in Russia's Krasnodar region were also struck, it said, adding they had confirmed explosions and fires at these facilities.”

The New B-52J Bomber Could Become a 'Flying Aircraft Carrier'. article. Aircraft older than I am. Pull quote: “The updated bomber will serve multiple roles, from traditional bombing to launching hypersonic weapons, potentially acting as a mothership for drone swarms, ensuring the U.S. maintains its competitive edge.”

Northrop Grumman delivers Arctic broadband satellites ahead of scheduled July launch. article.  Pull quote: “In a unique collaboration, each ASBM satellite hosts payloads from multiple entities:  The U.S. military’s Enhanced Polar System-Recapitalization (EPS-R) payload for secure communications; an X-band payload for the Norwegian Armed Forces; a Ka-Band payload for commercial satellite operator Viasat, and a Norwegian Radiation Monitor payload”

Trump campaign seeks to head off convention revolt from its right flank. article (free). Pull quote: “The exact purpose of the maneuver was not clear — and left some delegates puzzled and alarmed. People familiar with the meeting, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations, said perhaps the intent was to block an undesirable running mate. Most of the dozen GOP officials or activists interviewed by The Post even ventured that the aim may have been to substitute former national security adviser Michael Flynn for Trump if the former president is sentenced to prison time. Among some on the far right, suspicions have intensified that the former president has surrounded himself with too many advisers beholden to the “deep state.””

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