Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rule for Consideration of HR 2810 – FY 2018 NDAA

Last night the House Rules Committee completed their work on the rule for consideration of HR 2810, the FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act. The bill will be considered under a structured rule with only 88 of the 434 submitted amendments to be considered on the floor of the House.

Of those 88 amendments only four deal with cyber issues. Those amendments are:

22. Johnson, Mike (LA) #329 (REVISED) Requires the Army to conduct a report on the Army Combat Training Centers and the current resident cyber capabilities and training at such bases to examine potential training readiness shortfalls and pre-rotational cyber training needs are met.

56. Harper (MS), Brady, Robert (PA) #126 Authorizes the Speaker of the House with the concurrence of the Minority Leader to call upon the Executive Branch for additional resources in the event the House is the victim of a cyber-attack.

80. Correa (CA) #258 Requires the Department of Defense to update its cyber strategy; to require the President to develop a strategy for the offensive use of cyber capabilities; and to allow for technical assistance to North Atlantic Treaty Organization members.

81. Aguilar (CA) #95 (REVISED) Creates a talent management pilot program for the recruitment, training, professionalization, and retention of personnel in the cyber workforce of the Department of Defense.

None of these cyber initiatives specifically address control system security issues.

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