Monday, July 31, 2017

HR 3259 Introduced – Russia Cybersecurity

Earlier this month Rep. Speier (D,CA) introduced HR 3259, the Preventing Usurpation Through International Networks (PUTIN) Act. The bill would prevent participation in a US-Russian cybersecurity unit. This bill is very similar to HR 3191.

Section 2 of the bill is slightly less expansive in its exclusion as the one found in HR 3191, stating:

“No Federal funds may be used to establish or support a cybersecurity unit in which the Government of the Russian Federation, or any individual acting on behalf of such Government, is a participant.”

Moving Forward

Neither Speier nor any of her 12 cosponsors are members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the committee to which this bill was referred for consideration. This makes this bill even less likely than HR 3191 to be considered by the Committee.


The language of this bill is slightly less inclusive in the programs that might be expected to be prohibited, but it is still potentially restrictive of politically inoffensive law enforcement activities.

I do, however, have to give grudging kudos to Ms Speier’s staff for coming up with a bill name that results in a cutely offensive acronym.

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