Friday, November 7, 2008

Office of the President-Elect

I found the link to this new web page over on HLDL.Org on yesterday’s blog by Ijkaijan. The Office of the President-Elect has a new website called Change.Gov (appropriate I suppose given the campaign rhetoric). There is a Homeland Security Page on that site. I checked that Homeland Security Page and found only a single, very limited comment on chemical facility security. That comment is quoted in its entirety below.
“Secure our Chemical Plants: Chemical plants are potential terrorist targets because they are often located near cities, are relatively easy to attack, and contain multi-ton quantities of hazardous chemicals. As president, Barack Obama will work with all stakeholders to enact permanent federal chemical security regulations.”
This isn’t much of a policy, but to be fair all of the listings on the Homeland Security page are just as detailed. I guess we shouldn’t expect more just three days into the transition. I do think that I will add this page to the list of those that I check periodically.

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