Friday, November 21, 2008

Lieberman Continues to Lead Senate Homeland Defense

With the political news yesterday about Mr. Waxman becoming Chairman Waxman and Gov. Napolitano becoming Secretary Napolitano, I kind of lost sight of the lack of change over at the Senate; Chairman Lieberman remains Chairman Lieberman. An interesting comment about that continuity was made by Rich Cooper over at He said:
“His ‘partnership’ with former Committee Chair and now Ranking Member Sen. Susan Collins of Maine in working these issues has also been a model of civility and cooperation that is rarely seen anywhere in Congress. I’m glad it will be around as we go through the beginning of the new Administration and its stewardship of the homeland.”
I might add that it is also a model for the cooperation and bipartisanship that has been promised by President-elect Obama. That the Senate Democrats agreed, at least on this issue, is a good sign for the potential of fulfilling that promise in the coming year.

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